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Our grandniece, Katy Herr married Dylan Herr on November 24, 2021. Dylan is co-owner of a group of Red Wing Shoe Stores in Wyoming and Colorado. Dylan and Katy are active in their community and are always giving back. They support the Boys and Girls Club, and Casper Area Chamber of Commerce. Katy and Dylan and really amazing people, and they really make the community proud. Not everyone is able to be there for their community like that, and Katy is the perfect partner for Dylan in his work. Katy is very social, and always smiling. She makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated.

Katy is a wonderful mommy to their son Max. Their baby boy is her dream come true. Katy had long wanted a child, and when she got pregnant, she was beyond excited. Max just loves his mommy, and they love doing things together. They often go shopping and of course, to his daddy’s store. Katy and Max love Dylan so much and going to his store is always a treat. The three of them also travel to Colorado to see Dylan’s family and visit the other stores they own.

Katy loves to bake and is quite good at it. She even sells some of her baked goods. Katy is very resourceful, and she can make wonderful, tasty treats, that anyone would love to receive. I especially love her cake pops. Her baked goods show her creative ability. Katy is a stay-at-home mom. She loves raising her son, and not sending him to daycare. It is something she is quite grateful for. She also wants to be able to help out some, and her cake pops are a perfect side-hustle kind of business to add a little bit of extra income, while having a great time making great things.

Katy and Dylan love doing things with the families. From fun outdoor activities, to golf, to monster truck shows, their interests vary. Max loves doing anything his parents want to do, and that makes it all even more special. I think Max inherited to best of both his parents’ personalities, and that makes his a sweet and very smiley kid. And he inherited their looks too, and that makes him a little cutie!! Katy and Dylan couldn’t possibly be happier with their little family, and I am very happy for them. Today is Katy’s birthday. Happy birthday Katy!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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