early riser

My sister, Caryl Reed has lived a number of places in her adult life like San Diego, California; Oak Harbor, Washington; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Rawlins, Wyoming. Now that she is retired, and her husband, Mike Reed is getting close to retiring, they have realized another of their dreams…a ranch outside of Casper, Wyoming. For Caryl, that is coming full circle in life. Caryl was born in Casper, and our family is almost all still here. Even Caryl’s son and daughter-in-law, Allen and Gaby Beach are living in Casper now. Her daughter, Andrea and grandson Topher live in Rawlins, but will likely relocate to Casper when Caryl and Mike do. Mike’s daughter, Amanda, and her family, will likely stay in Rawlins, because their lives are there, but it’s only a couple of hours to drive. Still, they will miss them when they move. The whole family, and indeed our whole family loves to go out to Caryl and Mike’s ranch for parties, because it is a beautiful area, and so roomy.

Every year, Caryl; her daughter, Andrea; and grandson, Topher take a trip to the Black Hills together…just the three of them. It is a time for the three of them to reconnect and have a good time together. The Black Hills is such a great vacation spot, and has something for everyone. The trip means so much to Andrea and Topher. They look forward to it every year. I get that, because there are a number of those in our family who go to the Black Hills every year. It has been a family favorite since I was a little girl…the tradition continues.

Caryl is my little sister, born three years after I was. We did lots of things together as kids, among them, sharing a room. That was not difficult…most of the time, but Caryl is an early riser…like 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning, even during our school years. I, on the other hand was the girl who screamed out of bed, hustled around getting ready, and screamed out the door just in time to get to school without being late. That caused a “few,” ok a lot of morning issues. You just can’t get dressed and do makeup in the dark, so Caryl turned on the light, and was often introduced to the “roaring lion” with whom she shared a room… sorry Caryl. As a now early riser, 6:30 in the morning setting an alarm even now…after two years of retirement, I can say that I have finally grasped the wonders of the rising sun, the chirping birds, and the lack of wasted hours in bed. You were right, and I was wrong. Don’t get used to that…you won’t hear it again…trust me. Never again!!! Today is Caryl’s birthday. Happy birthday my dear sister. Have a great day!! We love you!!

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