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AlenaFor my sister, Alena Stevens, her birthday marks the beginning…of summer, that is. Alena is a member of the education support staff at Verda James Elementary School, so by June 2, school is either out for summer, or very close to it. That means that Alena is getting ready for 2½ to 3 months off. It is the kind of situation that many of us wish we had, but few get. That makes Alena one of the privileged few.

Being a definite summer person, who loves the hot, sunny days, having the summers off is really perfect for Alena. Before long she will have a great tan, and will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The summer will find her spending as much time as possible at Boysen Reservoir, which is a Stevens family favorite summer location. Every year, since 2003, the family has gathered there around the 4th of July to have a big family bash. They hold their Annual Stevens Family Horseshoe Tournament, and it gets heated. They were very competitive, and it becomes a fight to the end…in good fun of course. No one gets angry about the tournament, they just do their best to be the winning team. Afterward, they even have trophies to give out and, of course, pictures to be taken…because after all, it’s all about the bragging rights, until next year, anyway.

Of course, they don’t spend every day at the lake, and for Alena, the summer is time of gardening and fixing up her house to reflect the season that makes her the happiest. For Alena, flowers and her home are her Horseshoe Tournamentartistic canvas. I’ve never seen anyone with more natural decorating talent than Alena. Most people would have to train and study for years, but not Alena. Her talent just came naturally, and I love her ability to make her home decor look just like it came out of a magazine. She was the same way with hair styles. No formal training needed, she could just see what would make someone look pretty, and then she could carry it off. She was our mom’s main hair stylist for many years. I know that our mom really didn’t like to have anyone else cut her hair, and would rather wait until Alena was available. That really says a lot in my opinion. Today is Alena’s birthday. Happy birthday Alena!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

Caalab & Amy in Edmond13062396_10207883743165032_255531346035253208_nAs hard as it is to see your children move far away, sometimes there is an aspect of it that truly warms your heart. That is how it has been for me in this first year of the new journey my daughter, Amy Royce and her family have begun. I won’t lie and say that it has been an easy transition for me, because I still miss them very much, but the pure joy they feel in their new surroundings is so obvious, that I can’t help but be happy for them. The first six months of their time was spent in a little apartment, while they got a feel for the area. Then, after deciding that the Bellingham area was where they wanted to be, they found a cute house in the suburb of Ferndale, about 10 minutes north of Bellingham.

Amy hit the jackpot at Rice Insurance, and they didn’t get a bad deal either, because Amy is an amazing insurance agent. Her work is located just a few blocks from Bellingham Bay, and for Amy, that is ideal. Part of 13179038_10207976280878417_6843959922991164794_n13315690_10208117965060433_8991877530624826515_nthe draw of the Pacific Northwest for Amy, was to live near the water, and that has been a dream come true. Amy and her husband, Travis who have never been really fond of our favorite pastime…walking, have taken it up anyway. I’m sure that it’s hard not to, when the trails you have found take you to the waters edge. Every trek they take is filled with the beauty of the rain forest, and trust me…that is beautiful.

Amy and Travis have a large, beautiful back yard, and they love to sit out by their fire pit in the evenings, have dinner, and watch for hummingbirds, which seem to flock to the yard for their dinner too. Amy has been able to get some great pictures of the feeding frenzy. Another interesting item for Amy has been the snails and slugs, since they are not real common in Casper, except on the mountain, but up there, you kind of have to watch out where you walk a little bit, or you’ll step on one…and 13321911_10208117965660448_2743111145805970103_n12991034_10207767272133329_995480769411747257_nthat would break Amy’s heart, because she loves them. The biggest draw for Amy, is the possibility of seeing dolphins anytime they are near the water. Amy has always loved dolphins, and really whales and most of the other sealife found on the beach or in the water near the beach. That is something that gets them out for a walk too. Now they are always looking for new horizons to continue their journey on, and that makes me happy for them. Today is Amy’s birthday. We especially miss our girl on these special days. Happy birthday Amy!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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