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Corrie - nowIMG_2962It’s hard for me to believe that Bob and I became parents for the first time 41 years ago today. At 7:10am, our precious little girl, Corrie Schulenberg Petersen arrived in this world. When they handed her to me I was in awe. Here she was…our perfect little baby, and she was ours…forever. How could that have been have been 41 years ago, when it feels like only yesterday?

Over the course of the last 41 years, much has changed. Corrie is the mother of a college graduate and a high school senior. She has been at her current place of employment for over 20 years, and they would be in quite a pickle without her capable handling of her duties. Corrie also runs a business from home as a virtual assistant and ghost writer. For those of you who have never heard of such things, like I was, a virtual assistant does all of the things that an office assistant does, but from their home. Corrie has had clients all over the United States. A ghost writer, is an author who writes for someone else. The credit goes to the person who hired her to write the book or article. Corrie is a great ghost writer, but I think she should also consider writing her own book…because she could do it.

When I think of Corrie, the mom…the picture that comes to my mind is of Corrie in a cape with a big “S” on her shirt, because Corrie really has always been Super Mom! When her boys, Chris and Josh were little, she was very active in their school. She headed up the parent organization…what used to be the PTA, and now I believe it is POPI, but I could be wrong on that. She also made sure the boys got to play all the sports their little hearts desired. She kept up with their studies, so she could help when needed, or just to make sure they got everything done in time.

The years have changed many things now, and before long, Corrie and her husband, Kevin will be empty nesters. They already do many things without the boys, since they are working a lot of the time. Chris is 217997_1933024280848_2458511_nIMG_8303getting ready to get his own place, but they will have Josh at home a while…when he’s not working, anyway. Josh has decided to live at home while going to college, so that will delay the sting of his leaving. Empty nest or not, the future is looking bright for Corrie and her family, and while she will always be mom, she might have to retire her cape, because they don’t seem to need Super Mom much now, but Mom…well, they will always need her. Today is Corrie’s birthday. Happy birthday Corrie!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

CorrieWhen my daughter, Corrie was a little girl, it never occurred to me that she would end up living in a house full of men. Nevertheless, that is exactly what happened. I know there are a lot of families who have all girls or all boys in their family, and the odd man out is the parent who is the opposite, but coming from a family of 5 sisters, and then having 2 daughters, I never expected that one of my girls would have only sons. I think for Corrie though, it was the best way for her family to be. It’s funny how God seems to know just what we need and what we don’t. I don’t think Corrie would have done well with a prissy little girl, and yet her rough and tumble boys and all of the guy stuff they like to do seems to fit her perfectly. She loves going camping and fishing, and watching her guys shoot each other with paint balls…provided they don’t hit her that is. I can’t say as I blame her there, because those things hurt.

I think my girls and I each have our own recreational style, and each fits us in the best way. I love to hike, but Bob and I don’t camp out. Amy is more the hanging out around the deck and barbequing with family and friends, while Corrie and her family absolutely love camping and fishing. For Corrie’s family, waking up to the sounds of the lake and the birds is a big part of the appeal. And even if the guys have to go into town for work for part of the weekend, Corrie is quite content to stay at the lake with the dogs and just enjoy the day. Now, on that thought, I can certainly agree. When you can have a little bit of quiet time by yourself at the lake…that would be very peaceful.

Most of Corrie’s life is quite busy. She has a full time job, having just received her 20 year ring Lake Diamondsfrom Tallgrass Energy. She donates plasma at BioLife. She runs a virtual assistant home business, and she is a serious coupon queen. If most people could save the kind of money on their groceries that she does, they would probably pass out. Sometimes the store ends up paying Corrie to shop, because she saves so much money. Of course, if I were you, I would do my best not to get behind her in line. It is a slow process. Amy and I tease her about being a fanatic, but we are both quite impressed with how much she saves. No wonder she likes to get away and go camping…seriously, who wouldn’t! It is the only time she slows down much. Today is Corrie’s birthday. Happy birthday Corrie!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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