random rudeness

There are some kids that you can take one look at, and you know without a doubt that they are feisty and full of spunk. My great grand-niece, Izabella Harman is one of those kids. Belle, has sparkling eyes to match her sparkling personality, and she has the wit and smile to match. She loves life and loves her family, especially her older sister, Alice and younger brother, Jaxx. Nevertheless, she is very independent, and her mom Melanie Harman tells me that Belle has this “random rudeness,” just like her dad, Jake Harman, but somehow, her sarcasm doesn’t bring the same reaction as it does with her dad. In fact, it’s all her parents can do not to laugh at their little girl trying to show off her rude sarcasm, and all she can pull off is funny sarcasm.

Belle is a girly girl. She loves her makeup and lip gloss, her shoes and her clothes! The dunny thing is that as much as Belle loves her makeup, she really won’t need much as she gets older. Her eyes are beautiful, and will likely need little help, but like most girls, she will probably wear it anyway…and that’s ok too. She’s definitely a princess at heart. Of course, in my opinion, girly girls are great fun, because they make so many cute and frilly outfits for girls, and if the girl doesn’t like that stuff, it’s a bummer. These days, they even have tutu skirts, which we never would have put our girls in, in my day, but maybe we missed it, because they look so cute. Pair that with a pair of leggings and a cute top, and you have a girly girl’s dream outfit. These outfits are Belle’s idea of cute, and I agree.

Belle is such a cool little kid. She and her older sister, Alice keep their younger brother, Jaxx totally entertained. All I can say is, that it’s a good thing her parents are so young at heart, because they rarely mind the loud play and giggles that are common when you have three kids in the house. The reality is, your kids are only this little once, you might as well enjoy it. Sometimes Jake and Melanie post some videos of the kids at play, and it is very cool to hear their giggles and laughter. They wrestle around, make faces, and then they laugh about just how funny they are. And they really are. Today is Belle’s 5th birthday. Happy birthday Belle!! Keep being you, because we love it. Have a great day!! We love you!!

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