My grandniece, Kaytlyn Griffith is 12 years old today, and I just can’t believe that she could possibly be that old. Kaytlyn is in 6th grade this year, and doing well. I’m sure that one of her favorite subjects is art, because Kaytlyn is quite talented. I love her work. Being a pathetic artist myself, I really enjoy looking at the artwork of people who have talent, even if it is raw talent. An artist has to start somewhere, so raw talent is not a bad thing. For Kaytlyn, the talent isn’t really raw at all. In a Christmas competition last year, she won the Grand Championship, for her drawing of Santa Clause. People are especially hard to draw or paint. Making it look real even harder…but Kaytlyn has the “people talent” that many artists just wish they had.

Kaytlyn is not only a great artist, but from what I can see, she is also a bit of a performer. Her singing and dance moves in the Christmas play were something to see. The girl definitely has style. She likes dressing up, and it’s my guess that she could also do some acting in school plays in the future. I think she is one to watch in that area.

Kaytlyn and her family live in the country. They have horses to ride, and Kaytlyn and her sister, Jala ride as often as they can. The family likes to go camping in the Big Horn Mountains, and the horses always go along. Riding the horses through the pristine forest is a peaceful thing for anyone to do, of course you need to be somewhat good at riding to make it fun. Kaytlyn and Jala are both good riders, and always getting better. I don’t know about Jala, but Kaytlyn loves snow. She loves to go sledding, and I’m sure she likes horseback riding in the snow too. Being out there on the back of a horse, in the peaceful stillness of the crisp cool snowy air…well I don’t like snow much, and yet that sounds…quite beautiful. I guess that for Kaytlyn it would be totally blissful. Put two things together that she really likes, and you have a great way to send the afternoon.

Kaytlyn is growing into a beautiful young woman, and I am so proud of all she has accomplished. She doesn’t just enjoy math, but she is working very hard to get better at that. I don’t think it is unusual to have an artist not excel in math. The two subjects require opposite sides of the brain. Kaytlyn has a beautiful mind to go with her beautiful face. Today is Kaytlyn’s 12th birthday. Happy birthday Kaytlyn!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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