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I first met my niece, Amanda Reed in 2002, when she was a 16-year-old girl with “stars in her eyes” as they say. Her dad, Mike Reed married my sister, Caryl that year, and they became a blended family. Life was mostly in her future then, because she was still in high school, but that was 20 years ago, and a lot has changed. Amanda went to work at the Rawlins National Bank at a young age and has worked her way up to the pretty prestigious position of BSA Agent, which is a part of the law enforcement area of the bank. She is involved in deterring fraud, money laundering, and such. I don’t claim to know all she does, but I know that it is an important part of the banking system.

Also, since high school, she and her partner, Sean Mortensen have a little family of their own, with their daughter Jadyn coming on the scene almost 18 years ago. They have done and exceptional job of raising their beautiful girl, who will be going to the University of Wyoming in the fall on a rodeo scholarship.

That said, Amanda and Sean are about to become empty nesters, and I just wonder how they will feel about that, because I have really never seen parents who have included their child in every aspect of their lives like these two have. Jadyn is a very well-adjusted kid, because of how her parents raised her, and she is someone they can both be very proud of. Now, with Jadyn off to college, life is about to take another turn for Amanda and Sean.

They have always been involved in whatever Jadyn is doing, and she was involved in their activities. From Summer sports to Winter sports and everything in between, this active family stayed very busy, and I’m sure that even with Jadyn away at college, that will not change. When they aren’t traveling to some of her rodeo events, I’m sure they will still be hanging out with their large group of friends at the lake or in the mountains, depending on their plans for the day and the season it is. Amanda and Sean have a very active social life, and they are always on the go. The only difference now will be that they will have one less person in their entourage, and while they are happy for their daughter, I’m sure Amanda and Sean are a little bit sad for themselves too. Being an empty nester is an adjustment, no matter how you slice it. Today is Amanda’s birthday. Happy birthday Amanda!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

My niece, Amanda Reed is one of the busiest people I know. She never seems to stop, and sometimes I wonder where she gets all the energy to do all the activities she and her family do. Besides working all day at the Rawlins National Bank, her evenings and weekends are spent with a great group of friends. They go every weekend…from skiing in winter, to boating in summer, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, and snowmobiles…they are on the go all the time. Life is definitely not passing them by. They embrace life every day.

Amanda and her partner, Sean Mortensen are the parents of a beautiful daughter, Jaydn Mortensen, who at 14 is a wonderful equestrian, and has won lots of awards for her abilities. Her parents and grandparents encourage her every step of the way, and attend all of her competitions. In addition to that, Jaydn goes on all the family outings. They never exclude her. I suppose that as she gets older and has a job, that may change, but I don’t think it will be much of a change. Amanda and her family are very dedicated to each other, and they enjoy spending time together, so that will always be a part of their lives. For Amanda and Sean, Jaydn is their whole heart. They couldn’t love her more, if they tried.

Amanda and Sean are very happy together, and they are always headed in the same direction. That is one of the keys to a life-long relationship. They enjoy being together, and the like the same things. That brings harmony to a home. Amanda and Sean love to laugh and they do things that make other people laugh too. That makes them fun to be around, and if you ask their friends, you will see that they all agree. Amanda and Sean are very social people and they love to entertain. The spend time at the family cabin in all seasons, because there is lots of room for all their activities. I’ve never met a more active bunch. Today is Amanda’s birthday. Happy birthday Amanda!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

My niece, Amanda Reed joined our family in 2002, when her dad, Mike Reed married my sister, Caryl Spencer. She was a 15 year old high school student…just a girl really. Over the years I have watched as Amanda went from a teenaged girl to the woman she is today. The most important people in her life are her daughter, Jaydn Mortensen and boyfriend, Sean Mortensen. Being a mom has been an amazing journey for her, and one she will always cherish. Jaydn keeps her parents busy with her different activities, and they in turn keep her busy with all of their activities. This is one of the most active families I have ever known. From motorcycles, to 4 wheelers, to snowmobiles, to Jaydn’s horses…the outdoors is their second home.

In 2005, shortly after graduating from high school, Amanda went to work at the Rawlins National Bank as a teller. Most kids right out of high school go from job to job, but then most of them aren’t hired at a bank, I suppose. Nevertheless, Amanda has been a faithful and after 12 years, a long term employee. Now, her hard work and loyalty is paying off. Recently, Amanda was promoted to BSA Officer at the Rawlins National Bank. Now I had no idea what that was, so I decided to look it up. This is what I found…”Congress passed the Bank Secrecy Act in 1970 as the first laws to fight money laundering in the United States. The BSA requires businesses to keep records and file reports that are determined to have a high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, and regulatory matters. The documents filed by businesses under the BSA requirements are heavily used by law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international to identify, detect and deter money laundering whether it is in furtherance of a criminal enterprise, terrorism, tax evasion or other unlawful activity.”

Now that sounded almost like a secret agent job to me, but it is somewhat different than that in reality. A big part of Amanda’s new position is that she is the supervisor over the teller line. That in itself is pretty amazing for a person of just 31 years of age, but as we all know, the teller supervisor can’t just stand around making sure that everyone works. They have other responsibilities. Part of her job has to do with deposits that might look questionable. The law requires her to report cash payments over $10,000 received in a trade or business, and report foreign bank and financial accounts, just to name a couple. Now I don’t know how much of that Amanda might run into in Rawlins, Wyoming, but she would have to know those laws in the event that she did. All this sounds more and more like secret agent stuff to me, but I’m sure it really isn’t. Nevertheless, it is pretty impressive for a woman of just 31 years, and Amanda, we are very proud of you. Today is Amanda’s birthday. Happy birthday Amanda!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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