My grand-niece, Jala Satterwhite graduated this past year, and immediately embarked on an adventurous lifestyle. Jala got a job at the Bill Cody Ranch…a guest ranch not too far from the Yellowstone National Park entrance. Jala loves horses, and wants nothing more than to have a job involving horses. During high school, and really even before that, Jala would spend hours riding horses, caring for horses, and thinking about horses. She and her step-dad, Josh Griffith loved to head into the hill on a trail ride as often as possible, and the family loved camping and trail riding on the Big Horn Mountains.

Jala has always struck me as a glamorous kind of girl growing up, and that part is true. When Jala wants to be glamorous, she certainly can do so, and she can “wow” anyone who sees her, but Jala is not snobby or stuffy. Then, Jala got into horses when her family bought a place and moved outside of Powell. It is a really pretty place, and has plenty of room for horses. That really changed Jala’s life forever, and for the great…not just better or good…great!! Jala was living on cloud nine. She was in her element, and life was good. Who would have thought that all that would have set the course for Jala’s new adventure as a trail guide on a guest ranch.

Jala applied, and was immediately chosen for one of the positions available. She’s been there a couple months now and absolutely loves it. From what I hear, Jala is the only Wyoming hire there, and so she’s met all kinds of new people. She ben able to work with people from all over the county. Jala’s job is perfect for her. She takes people on trail rides every day. They take groups of 10 to 20 people on rides every day. Did they say this was work? I suppose there is a lot of work to it, because she takes care of about 65 horses, and of course, she saddles all those horses up for the people who are going on the trail rides. Imagine the toned arms that girl will have. Wow!! Maybe I should saddle horses for a living…probably not.

This is a summer job, of course, because the guest ranch is a tourist attraction, meaning that at the end of the summer, Jala will have to decide what her next move will be. She has a plan in mind, and her current job is a good source of leads into the nest one, which she hopes will involve working with an outfitter on pack trips. Sounds exciting to me!! The cool part of this job is that she makes really good money, and they provide room and board, so she has no expenses!! As Jala’s mom, Susan Griffith says, “What a life!!”

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