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My nephew, Barry Schulenberg is a very driven man. He is always busy doing something. If he’s not working at his job as a mechanic for the State of Wyoming, he is taking care of his property east of Casper; helping his Uncle Ron Schulenberg with things like cutting wood for his wood stove; or hiking with his wife, Kelli and their dog Scout. Barry is pretty much always busy.

Barry is the field mechanic for the State of Wyoming in Casper. Being a field mechanic is far more interesting than just your average everyday shop mechanic, because…well, you aren’t stuck in the shop. Barry travels to several towns and sites around the Natrona County area to service the equipment used in these areas. It really isn’t feasible for these areas to bring their equipment all the way to Casper for servicing, so, the mechanic goes to the equipment. Also, whenever a truck or other piece of equipment breaks down, Barry goes out to where it is to fix it. This can mean some overtime, and some long drives, but for the most part it really is an enjoyable job for Barry. The state depends on his expertise and his loyalty to keep all the equipment up and running, and Barry likes to be out on the road sometimes too.

Barry and Kelli love to be in the mountains. They love to go camping, skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing. Their dog, Scout is their best companion, although if you ask Kelli, Scout is convinced that he is the boss of the family, and since he’s a dog, it’s hard to argue that point. Really, I think that most pets consider their humans to be their pets. They feel about their humans the way the humans feel about them. Barry and Kelli got scout after their first dog, Dakota passed away, and while they are two very different kinds of dogs, both in breed and personality, Scout has been a good fit, and I’m sure that Dakota is happy that his parents are happy. Scout loves to be beside Barry in whatever he is doing, and then keeps watch over the place while Barry and Kelli are working.

Like most of us, Barry and Kelli work to live, not live to work. They have many things they would much rather be doing that working. They really love going to concerts, and often travel to see their favorite singers. Of course, it’s not all about the singer, but also about seeing the country around them. That’s what makes the journey fun. Today is Barry’s birthday. Happy birthday Barry!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

Lynn CookOur brother-in-law, Lynn is an all around funny guy. He loves to play practical jokes on people, and always has. Add to that his sheer size…he’s 6’6″…and you have little chance of escaping his teasing if he wants to make sure you stay put for it. It could be pure torture, but since it was all meant in fun, we forgave him. Lynn was always a bit of a show off, and liked it when he could beat other people at things. I can’t say that I blame him, really, since it is fun to get attention.

For a number of years Lynn was a deputy sheriff in Natrona county, which included Midwest and Casper, and was a perfect occupation for Lynn, since he was an MP in the service. I guess locking up the bad guys was right up his alley. During the time he was a deputy, his favorite thing was to pull his friends over…just to talk. Of course, he turned on the lights on his patrol car so that everyone thought they had been pulled over for a ticket. What a way to get embarrassed…makes me thankful that I didn’t know him during those years.

These days, Lynn is retired and spends his time camping with his wife, my sister-in-law, Debbie, and being grandpa to his two grandsons and two granddaughters. I’m quite sure he still picks on them as much as he can, and of course, they love it. But, he also spends time showing them the ropes in lawn care, camping, and life, because that is what Goofy Lynn Cookretirement is all about…isn’t it? Lynn pretty much likes to camp near their home, because during his years of being an over the road truck driver, he got his fill of long distance travel. I’m sure that isn’t a bad thing, since that keeps him close to his girls, Machelle and Susan, and, of course, the grandkids…which every grandparent knows is really important.

Today is Lynn’s birthday, so if you know him and have a chance, you really should play a practical joke on him, along with that happy birthday wish. I mean, seriously…it’s is about time someone pulled one over on him. Happy birthday Lynn!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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