golden retriever

My niece, Kellie Hadlock is a wonderful girl, who is always the happiest person around you. I don’t know how she does it, except that she has kept happiness in her spirit all her life. It was a top priority. She has giggled her way through life, and passed her giggles on to everyone she knows. She is a great joy to be around. She has been a great blessing to her family, especially her nephew, Ethan Hadlock, and nieces, Aurora Hadlock, Adelaide Sawdon, and Mackenzie Moore, all of whom love her to pieces. Kellie is a wonderful aunt, and loves to play with the kids. They totally enjoy being with her. She hangs out with her brother, Ryan Hadlock and sisters, Jessi Sawdon, Lindsay Moore and their spouses, Chelsea Hadlock, Jason Sawdon, and Shannon Moore a lot, and the whole family gets together as often as they can.

Kellie works at American Title and is well liked by bosses and coworkers alike. Kellie is a hard worker, who works carefully and accurately. She also decided to buy a house recently, and she really loves it. She lives there with her Yorkie dog, Leena and her birds…her pets. Kellie stays active and goes to the gym a lot. One of her favorite things to do is to sing at church. She loves singing! I think that when she is singing, Kellie is at her most happy. The nice thing about singing is that she can be happy about life, and singing still fits right in. Kellie has a beautiful voice, and is such a great part of our church worship team. Her solos and her lead singing parts are stunning. Many people would love to have a voice like Kellie’s.

Last year, Kellie met Tim Thompson, and they are very happy together. They get along so well and Tim really fits into her family. They are so compatible, enjoying many of the same things, but there are other activities that Tim has introduced Kellie to that are new to her. He takes her hunting, and to the indoor shooting range, which she really likes. They go hiking, snow shoeing, and just love being together. He comes to Casper as often as he can from Gillette and they have a lot of fun. She has her little dog Leena, who is just a tiny bundle of energy and Tim has a golden retriever named Jet, who loves Kellie and Leena. The difference in these two dogs could not be greater, but Jet is so gentle, and Leena doesn’t feel afraid at all. Tim also has a daughter named Jolene, and she is very sweet. She and Kellie get along great too. Tim has taught Kellie a lot about cooking, because he loves to cook and the whole family has benefited from his culinary skills. Tim is so good to Kellie. For her birthday he bought her a guitar, a gift which she is just thrilled with. With her love of singing, a guitar is just perfect for her. Today is Kellie’s birthday. Happy birthday Kellie!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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