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As his birthday arrives, my niece, Lindsay Moore gets very excited to celebrate her husband, Shannon Moore. Some years are easy and some years are hard, but Shannon is always there for Lindsay and their daughter, Mackenzie. This past year has been one of the tough ones, because Shannon and Lindsay went through something no parents should ever have to go through…the loss of their second daughter, Hallie Joy, who was born and died on December 19, 2020. Shannon and Lindsay were so very saddened by their little daughter’s passing, but they knew that they had to go forward, because they have another daughter…Mackenzie, and she needed them to be the best parents they can be.

Lindsay tells me that Shannon is just that…a dad like no other! He and Mackenzie have such a sweet bond. He loves taking care of her, and he loves giving her and Lindsay the best of everything. For a vacation, Shannon took his family to Disney world last week. They had a wonderful time, and Mackenzie, like most kids at Disney World, or any fair, was completely star struck. It was so much fun to watch her eyes filled with wonder at all the sights and all the rides. Watching Mackenzie experience new things really gives Shannon so much joy. The family got together in Laramie with Lindsay and Shannon for the Independence celebration too, and Shannon and my brother-in-law, his father-in-law, Chris Hadlock had a great time organizing and setting off the fireworks. That really is another event that Mackenzie and her cousin Adelaide Sawdon don’t recall last year’s, so it’s like the first time, but then isn’t every year of fireworks like the first year.

Shannon is quite the handyman, and he has been helping various friends with some home improvement projects this summer. Home Improvement projects are always on everyone’s list of things to do, and it’s very nice to have someone to help out when you are doing them. When Shannon isn’t helping his friends, he and Lindsay like to go camping. They bought a new camper this year, and have been enjoying taking Mackenzie camping before Shannon has to go back to work at the University of Wyoming, where he is the assistant coach for the Wyoming Cowboys Football team. He is also their tight ends coach and helps with special teams too. Last year, with Covid-19, was a strange coaching year, because it is hard to coach virtually, but Shannon made it work and they did get part of a season. He is looking forward to getting back to work and do some real coaching. Today is Shannon birthday. Happy birthday Shannon!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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