a box of rocks

My niece, Michelle Stevens is a very talented artist, but what I didn’t know, or didn’t realize, is that she also has a heart of gold. I always knew she was a sweetheart, but she is also a wonderful giver and teacher. Recently, I was working on a gift I wanted to give to my sisters, and I knew that if I wanted it to look as good as the picture I had in my head of what it would look like, I would need help. And I knew that Michelle was the one to ask. The gifts were to be a combination of an antique looking heart filled with trinkets, and some lettering, which was where I knew I would need help. Little did I know it wasn’t the only place I would need help.

Of course, with her big heart, Michelle agreed to do the lettering for me…even though in the end, I didn’t really give her the amount of time I should have. Then, as I was gluing the trinkets onto the canvas, I sent her a frantic text. Looking at my work, I thought, “This is awful!!” I was so disgusted that I sent Michelle a text saying, “Ugh!! I’m about as artistic as a box of rocks!! What does this need??” I wanted to cry. Somehow, Michelle saw something I couldn’t. She told me it looked good…and that the problem with homemade gifts is that part way through, you begin to doubt yourself…a time she calls the “ugly teenaged phase.” Well it was ugly alright. My clumsy fingers kept dropping the trinkets and there was shiny glue everywhere. It was a mess. Nevertheless, Michelle knew how to fix it. She also knew how to best phrase what I wanted to say on the project. When she was done, they were a gift I was proud to give to my sisters. I’m sure you’ll agree that in the end, and only because of Michelle’s expertise, they turned out beautifully.

I am so proud of my niece and her wonderful artistic abilities. Of course, her own work is absolutely stunning, but with her teaching abilities, she can take even the most bumbling attempt at art, and make it look amazing. Her artistic ability makes her an excellent artist, and her heart of gold makes her an amazing person and teacher. That is a combination that is so special, and a gift few possess. Today is Michelle’s birthday. Happy birthday Michelle!! Have a great day!! We love you, and thank you sooooo much for your expert help!!

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