The years rush by so very fast, especially in the lives of children. It is really hard for me to believe that my grandnephew, Isaac Spethman is so grown up now, but somehow, he went from being a little teeny kid to the almost full grown 16-year-old he is today. Isaac is the third child of my niece Jenny Spethman and her husband Steve, and he has been a great blessing to them. As a little kid, Isaac was so unique. He decided at a young age that he needed a job, and even talked the neighborhood grocery store into “hiring” him to do little odd jobs, for which they “paid” him in things like candy bars and such. It was a win-win situation for both of them. The store loved seeing this little boy with an adult work ethic, so eager to start his working career, and Isaac loved being a “big” kid with a job.

Isaac’s work ethic has not changed over the years. He really has never been without some kind of a job, working for actual pay well before the normal age to be hired, but of course, within the legal allowances by getting a work permit when necessary. Even when he was too young to work in a business, he was out raking laws, shoveling snow, and such to earn a little bit here and there. Most recently, he has been working at Hardee’s and has been one of their most loyal workers. I don’t suppose he will stay in the fast-food industry forever, but it has been a good start. The biggest drawback to that has been that someone has to take him to work and bring him home. However, that problem is about to go away.

Now that Isaac is 16 years old, the next obvious step is to get his driver’s license. Im not sure when he will go for that, considering the current weather in our fair city, but I doubt it will be very long. Isaac, like most kids as they reach 16 years tend to start pushing their parents to take them in for their test. And the reality is that most parents, especially those who have long been the chauffer, are very, very ready to take their kids for that test. Isaac is a kid who has always shown a little more maturity than the average kid, and it really has been a pleasure watching him grow up. He is a good big and little brother, as well as a loving son. We are all very proud of him. Today is Isaac’s 16th birthday. Happy birthday Isaac!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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