My nephew, Ryan Hadlock has had a very busy year this year. Ryan has worked at Contango Energy with his uncle, Mike Stevens. This year, Mike retired, and the company put the position up for grabs. Mike had been the Compression Foreman, and Ryan had been a Compression Operator. The logical next step for Ryan was to apply for Mike’s job, and the next logical step for the company, was to promote Ryan to that position. He already knew the job, and he had what it takes to be the Compression Foreman. So, when Mike retired on July 1st, Ryan took over, and he is really enjoying his job. Ryan has the right kind of personality to be the foreman. He is helpful and level-headed. The worst kind of foreman is one that is moody and…well, a screamer. Ryan is a calm person, as was Mike. They are both the kind of manager that everyone wants to work for. People instinctively want to please them. That kind of a working relationship makes working fun. Ryan is very happy in his new position, and it has been great for the whole family.

Ryan and his dad, Chris Hadlock love to fish, and this year, they have been out fishing in a way I hadn’t seen before. Of course, I’m not a fisherman, so that would explain my lack of knowledge about personal pontoon boats. They actually look kind of cool though, and maybe the fishing is easier, I don’t know. I suppose that fishing works better in deeper waters, than at the shore…although they fish from the shore too. If you are a fisherman, fishing anywhere is far better than working, so there you have it.

This past summer, the Hadlock families, took a family trip to Florida, and rented a beach house on the Gulf Coast for a week. They had an absolute blast. They had plenty of space, and they didn’t have any kind of a schedule to speak of, other that the mini cruise they took. They had lots of beach time, and relaxing times in the house, which was absolutely huge, by the way. They had plenty of room to spread out and do their own things, and plenty of room to be together and have fun too. It was a great trip.

They, Ryan and his family headed to the Pacific Coast for his wife, Chelsea’s grandma’s 86th birthday. What a wonderful event to get to attend. They all had a wonderful time, and I’m sure her grandma was just thrilled to have everyone together again…and for something so wonderful and an 86th birthday party…wow!! It was a busy summer for Ryan’s family. Two coasts in one summer. As Chelsea said about their vacation…”Two coasts, one white sand and one black sand!! It was a real contrast.” I’ll bet it was, and I’m so happy they got to go. Today is Ryan’s birthday. Happy birthday Ryan!! Have a great day!! We love you!!

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