Etha Pearl Spencer Fellon Hedstrom and kidsEvery year or so, my dad’s 1st cousin once removed, Arlouine (Bunny) Probasco and her husband, Marvin come to Casper for a visit as they travel from their home in Buhl, Idaho back to visit family in the Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota areas. It is always a pleasant visit, giving us a chance to talk about the family history and, in general, what is going on in each other’s lives. Arlouine is the granddaughter of my dad’s Aunt Etha Pearl Spencer Fellon Hedstrom. Etha’s first marriage to Arloine’s grandfather did not work out so well, but through that marriage came Arlouine’s mother…also named Arlouine and her Uncle Harold. I found this picture of Arlouine’s grandmother, her mother, her uncle, and I hope it is something she does not have, because it will be great to give her something she has never seen before. I also found several others I think she might like.

Arlouine is a crafty person, and she makes butterfly fridge magnets and towels to hang on the stove that are very pretty. Every time she comes she brings us something, which is so sweet of her. She is also interested in the family history, so that gives us a lot to talk about. Here again, it took me a little while to place her accurately in the family history, so for a time, I just didn’t realize what a treasure her knowledge would be. This year, unfortunately, I missed her visit, because Bob and I were out of town. That frustrates me a little, because I wanted to see her reaction to the pictures and talk to her about any stories her mother and grandmother might have told her about.

Arlouine is an unusual name, and I have often wondered where it came from. I know her name was passed to her from her mother, but where did Great Aunt Etha get that name. It was not passed down from her Spencer side that I am aware of, so I have to assume it was from the Fellon side. Names that are passed down from generation to generation are really a cool thing, even if the name is something unusual or old fashioned. It is just the fact that you were named after a beloved ancestor that makes it cool. I’m sure that for Arlouine it is that fact that the name was her mother’s, even if she uses a nickname, that makes it special…at least it would to me.

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  • I don’t think I ever heard Mom talk about any of them. Can you help me out with this.

  • Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with Bunny, and the information about Etha. I am Etha’s Great grandson through Harold, then Ardeen. Recently I have been trying to do some family history work and I was surprised that I could not find much about Etha. I appreciate your post. Do you have any additional knowledge of what happened between her and my great grandfather George? Sorry if this is all in caps; my caps lock isn’t on, yet I am unable to get lower case letters to appear as I type.

    • Michael, I’m glad you liked my story, and I do have more information. I will email you some things, along with an invitation to my ancestry tree.

  • Hello there….
    The people in the picture are my Grandma Etha, my aunt Arloine (sp), and my father Harold. Michael Nyre, who commented above, is my sister Ardeen’s son and my nephew. I would be glad to help with any information abd I’d love to have a copy of that picture. ?

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