Today I went to my niece’s graduation party. There were a number of small children at the party, and a good time was had by all. In particular, there was a incident in which one of the small children, Zackary, was being held down, and tickled by two adults. As they gave him a moment to breathe, another niece, Jessi said to her boyfriend Jason, who was one of the adults tickling him, along with her sister Kellie, that when it came to tickling, you must show no mercy.

Well, that got me to thinking about another child, who was very ticklish…my sister, Caryl. She was always quite a giggly kid. She had a laugh that was infectious, but it was not her laugh that really got my sisters and me laughing…it was the tickle torture!!! Caryl was so ticklish that it is something none of us will ever forget. After performing the tickle torture on Caryl several times, we had given the attack that name. And the name was fitting, because it truly was torture for her, but we did it in the spirit of fun.

Caryl had to be one of the most ticklish people in the entire world, and she would scream and kick and laugh, but it was so funny that we just couldn’t get enough of the tickle torture. We would all get in on it. We held her down and tickled her until tears rolled down her face and she was begging us to stop. I suppose that was mean of us, but it was just so funny…and she did survive it, after all.

And because my sisters and I were, horribly mean, we would often descend on Caryl without warning. She would start begging us not to even before we got started. But, it wasn’t our fault, it was Caryl’s, because she was so funny…and we were, after all, just kids.

As I said, Caryl did survive our torture, and has grown into a wonderful woman. She became a Respiratory Therapist and works in the Cardiopulmonary Department at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. She still has a great sense of humor and yes, she is still very ticklish. I like to think my sisters and I played a small part in the lovely woman she became, but I seriously doubt if she would say that the woman she became was due to the tickle torture.

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  • I laughed hard when I read this. My older brother would tickle me all the time and I was very ticklish.

    It was almost the same thing where he’d hold me and tickle my sides and such all the while I would be trying to fight away.

    I think that tickling helped bond us, and yes it was tickle torture but I survived to :)

    PS did she ever get even?

    • Hahahahaha!! It seems to be a sibling thing doesn’t it. And there is always one person who is the most ticklish!! No, she never got even…we could always turn it around to tickling her, lol!! :)

      • Lovely story, Caryn! I’m quite jealous of your sister. I would be delighted to be such a victim of tickle torture! :)

      • My sisters and I were just like yall. Our middle sister, there are seven of us, spent a good amount of her childhood pinned to the floor, and we would tickle her mercilessly! I’m the youngest, but not the most ticklish, so she got the honor of being the victim! My older sisters would each lay down over her arms, pinning them out to her sides, then two of us would hold down her legs and either tickle her feet, or just make sure she couldn’t kick while the other two worked her sides and underarms. She was DREADFULLY ticklish between her toes, so we’d usually finish her off with a couple minutes of that if we felt extra cruel. So freaking hilarious though…. I can still hear her laughing if I close my eyes haha!

      • Hahaha! I loved your story caryn. Which one of your sisters would you say was the best tickler, and why?

        • Probably me. I was the ruthless one.

          • When my sisters used to torture me, they’d say things like “Diana, we’re gonna tickle you to death!” and as I begged stop they’d tell me “never, we are never STOPPING”… Of course they would but it definitely had it’s EFFECT. Did you tease Caryl in that way, getting into her head as well as tickling her?

          • Absolutely. That was half the fun!!

          • What would you say to her? My sisters would also just tickle the air right above where they were gonna get me, and I would squeeze my eyes tight in anticipation, then look and they’d still be tickling without actually making contact, so when they did it was like an explosion of laughter lol

      • I myself was a victim of tickle torture growing up haha! MY older sisters teamed up on mE constantly, and i always had to keep my guard up if i wanted a chance to run and lock myself in the bathroom. Even then they would stand outside the door taunting me, telling me how bad i was gonna get it when i came out, and they’d scratch the door with their Nails, while i would yell for help! but my mom would just laugh and they’d tell her we were Just playing, Then i would come out when the coast sounded clear, only to be ambushed and carried to ouR room then pinned down and AS they laughed hysterically, they would take turns tickling me until i was beet red froM lAughing myself tO death. They were experts though…once they had you pinned down There was no chance oF escape.

  • LOL. Yes definitely a sibling thing, and like her, I was always the most ticklish :)

    And Caryn you mentioned how you would descend on her without warning. My quick funny story was once when my brother said “Let’s play hostage.” And when replied how you play that, he said sit down in the chair while I get some rope. What do you think happened? LOL. As put by you I survived after my socks were put back on, lol.

    As mentioned, I think that shows closeness and bonding by siblings.

  • Oh my gosh this story is hilarious…I can totally relate to Caryl. Where was she most ticklish? My feet are extremely sensitive, and my sisters were always devising a plan to trap me so I’d be helpless and just tickle me to near death haha! Once they wrapped me in a rug, saying they were making a burrito. As soon as I couldn’t escape, they started giggling, and taking off my shoes and socks as I begged them not to…LOL it was mean but also in fun like you said.

    • Caryl was ticklish everywhere, but her ribs were the worst. We had such a great time torturing her, lol. We all have varying degrees od ticklishness, so some of the brothers-in-law and nephews have paid us back some, but nothing like what we did to Caryl. Hahahahahaha!! I can still see it!!!

      • Ribs are a tricky spot to tickle….you really have to know what you are doing so you get the reaction you want without hurting them.

        • Exactly right and with my fingernails, which were always long, I could really bring on the pain if I wasn’t careful. Feet are amazing though!!

          • Feet are like the universal tickle spot. You see someone held down being tickled on their side’s, they are laughing, trying to struggle. Then someone starts the foot tickling, and it’s like a crazed trapped animal trying to escape HAHAHA! It’s funny how different parts of the foot can be more ticklish than others on different people….does that make sense? Like oneperson is really ticklish between the toes, one right in the middle…

          • Oh I know, and really the whole body is like that. I have one spot on my abdomen that is horribly ticklish!!! And it’s only a spot about 2 inches square…thankfully!!!

          • I’ve also got long nails, and they absolutely glide over the bottoms of feet like butter. My sister’s and I (there are 6 of us) teamed up on my cousin just days ago. She is 34 years young, but just as ticklish as when she was a kid, although it is hysterical watching a grown woman with kids of her own flop around and lose her mind over tickles. We were pretty extreme, and she shed a few tears but they were tears of laughter.

          • You sound a devious as me and my sisters, lol!!

          • I’ve always been very, very ticklish, and very good at keeping that hidden from most people. But last year, my three daughters have discovered my secret, and will talk my husband into pinning me down so they can do the “tickle torture” to me! They found nothing makes me laugh harder than my feet being tickled, which is absolutely MURDER to me. But I’m outnumbered and with a 250 pound man holding my arms down all I can do is scream and beg for mercy. Once they were getting me and I guess I laughed so loud someone called the cops out thinking something was wrong!

          • You’re family sounds like the ultimate tickle torture bunch!! I hope you forgive them in the end. They really can’t help themselves, you know.

          • Fingernails ARE the ultimate foot tickling tool, but when mine have been shorter, I’ve used a bristle brush with almost as good result lol!

          • Holy cow i can attest to that! My feet are probably the most ticklish feet on the planet, and long nails real or faKe Are My worst tickle Nightmare. If i see a woman with Nails all i Can tHink is how badly it would tickle! Thanks sisters lol!

    • Oh my God my cousins did that same exact thing to me! I was probably around 17 or so, but my two younger cousins I was watching asked me to lay down on a blanket, arms to my sides. They rolled me up end over end, with my head sticking out. Then they dug through the bottom end until they found my feet, and I swear to God I was tickled for what felt like a half hour, just begging for them to stop. After they let me go, I had to crawl to my room lol….

      • I think there are a lot of diabolical ticklers in this world, hahahahaha!!

        • Seriously! I myself was traumatized with tickling as a teenager. So much that I was scared of tickling someone else in fear of retaliation.

          • Oh I’m sorry you were traumatized. I guess we never went so far that Caryl was traumatized.

  • Tickling someone to death is always fun….it’s just being tickled that is unbearable. I’m a non-stop laugher when I’m tickled….until it goes silent Ha! Seriously they wouldn’t even have to touch me, I’d be a giggling mess if I knew it was coming. Then when you feel those fingernails on your feet, forget it. Such a strange phenomenon….

  • Holy moly…I feel bad for your sister hahahaha! I am so ticklish I can not even watch someone get tickled, because I start smiling until my face hurts. How would you guys tickle torture her? I mean obviously by tickling, but it sounds like you had a system in place lol.

    • There were 4 of us. We just held her down. She didn’t have a chance. We probably tickled her for several minutes, before we finally took pity on her.

      • What was yalls most effective set up? Like, after doing it a few times, did you pretty much have a system of knowing who would hold her arms down, since I’m sure the youngest wasn’t strong enough lol…and which was your usual delegated role?

      • When you ladies “held her down”….did like one person just grab her wrist and pull her arms up and someone grab her legs? Or did y’all lay over her arms, freeing up more hands to tickle her with? I’ve been subjected to lots of tickling in my family as well….I’m twenty three, and only 4′ 9″, so I’m pretty easy to pin, even by my nieces who are like 12 lol!

  • Omgee….I am not really ticklish myself, but I also have a middle sister we would gang up on to tickle. We called it Kitchie Kookoo, cause she went nuts bwahahaha! Her “tickle spot” was her armpits, so two of my sister’s held her arms up, one sat on her legs, and two of us would just wiggle our fingers like an inch away until she begged mercy, then we would strike. She would be howling with laughter! We tickled until she was blue from laughing so hard. Tickling is seriously the best thing ever, evil but so funny.

    • Oh my gosh!! You guys sound just like we were. Hahahahaha!! I’ll never forget those moments as long as I live. I’ll bet you family won’t either. 😀

    • i would often talk my brother into using a similar tactic on ouR younger sister. We would take turns holding her arms above her head while the other would attack her armpits. She had the funniest laugh and was so ticklish there! We tickled her armpits non-stop to see how long before lost her breath and her laughter went silent haha! Then we would stop almost long enough for her to catch her breath before we started up again. Hahaha that way We could keep thE torture cycle going much longer before showing mercy lol!

  • Oh of course not ha….we were absolutely merciless. And my poor mom would try to step in, then we would wiggle our fingers and threaten to tickle her instead…she would giggle and say “Sorry Kelsey, you are on your own!” Downright bullies…but all good kids otherwise LOL. We liked to tease Kels a lot when we tickled….ya know “kitchie kitchie….tickle tickle tickle”. It seemed to make her laugh so much harder. Did you guys use taunts like that?

    • Absolutely!! It even go to where she knew she was in trouble by the way we looked at her!!

      • My sister was the same way. It was like she had a sense that told her what we were plotting, and of course if she looked at me I couldn’t help but smirk or giggle, and it was a dead giveaway ha!

        • Oh, I know. They knew they were in deep trouble…just by the looks!!

          • I had a step sister that would tickle the everloving DAYLIGHTS out of me. She is actually three years younger, but was bigger than I was in both height and weight Lololol, so it was nothing for her to sit on me and pin my arms to my sides with her knees. Not to mention she is about as ticklish as a rock. But asI laid on my back struggling, she would wiggle her two index fingers as she closed in on my armpits, then worm them in there until I turned purple laughing and speaking tongues trying to reason with her. I was so helpless, andwhat was funnier was she would do it soooo casually, like be watching TV, as I’m fighting for air begging, and when I’d finally get out a STOP, PLEASE! she would just shake her head no, still watching her show HAHA. I’m still afraid of lounging around in her presence.  

          • Part of that sounds like my sisters and me, but we weren’t cruel. Caryl still gets it once in a while, and she is still a good sport about it.

  • What was your favorite “technique” or most effective? Kelsey would just die when we just barely touched her, super light but just kind of spidered our fingers under her arms.

    • I always went in for the full on torture method…no holding back, no easy strokes, of course, I had to be a little bit careful, because my fingernails were always long. Mom couldn’t keep them short, because they grew too fast.

      • I LOVED getting Judith under her arms. It is such a ticklish spot for her, and it’sabsolutely torturous when you have little fingers dancing around and all you want to do is pull your arms down but you can’t! I would just wiggle my fingers there, or gently kind of push down and move back and forth really fast.

  • Long nails are the best for tickling though! Especially on some bare feet….

    • Oh definitely!!

      • My mother’s nails were also always long, and she’d always end up down at my feet during family tickle fights or just everyone picking on me, and I’m not even lying….I would laugh sooo hard I couldn’t breathe…just convulse and twitch and try to gasp for air shaking my head no back and forth, then I’d draw a breath and waste it all in a loud laughing scream….they were mean to me hahaha!

    • I’m an enormous fan of tickling, and I’m madly in love with your descriptions/questions of all things tickling! I hope you’ve found new victims over the years!

      • I can’t imagine wanting to be the victim of the tickle torture Alan, but our family loves to be the ones to inflict the torture. We have all been the victim, including me. All I can say is that the one who goes after me had better be prepared to hang on to my feet, because when I’m tickled, I kick, not in a mean way of course, it’s just the knee jerk reaction. Hahahaha!!!

        My grandson, Caalab has no problem in that department, and tickles me every time he gets the chance.

    • This is true! Two of my girls get their nails done, and dear Jesus, when they are tickling my feet I want to leap off the floor!

  • Describe your most vivid memory of the “tickle torture” in detail.

    • They were all about the same, 4 girls holding down one girl, and tickling until she could hardly breath, and her begging us to stop the whole time, lol!!

  • Eeeeeeeek TORTURE! I only had one sibling who would torment me….but it seems like every time he tried he got hurt. Bloody noses, bruises, I fight like crazy lol. I can’t imagine FOUR people after me….would ALL of you tickle her at once, or just one tickler and the rest, holders I guess lol? I would freakin pee in like 10 seconds!!!

    • Hahaha!! It would depend on how much fight we got out of her. The only objective was to tickle…not who got it done. Teamwork!! lol

      • Oh my haha! Did the gang ever get her pinned well enough that all of you could tickle at once? My Lord, no WONDER y’all called it the tickle TORTURE.

      • Same with us…. We’d take turns where we tickled, but it was always funny when I’d be the rib tickler, because I’m like five years younger than her and was much smaller so without the team I never would be able to tickle her myself, but when my tiny hands got to tickling, she would howl like a hyena with laughter.

      • Yes I agree you should have for sure designated tickle zones to each sister…. An all out attack on the ribs, feet, underarms… She’d have been done in seconds.

  • Hahahaha! Like a mission….”ok, you go in, and hold her rightand you go in for her left arm. I’m going to tickle her sides, you get her feet.” Sounds like you were the ringleader LOL!

  • All of these stories are flippin hilarious….they take me back to my own tickle tortured years ha! I had a couple of sisters who found great entertainment in tickling me till I swear I was going to take my last breath. They really were RUTHLESS….I know most of yall say it was in fun but Jesus I’d be a drooling, laughing, crying puddle and then they MIGHT stop haha! They loved to each wrap their TWO legs around one of mine so each one had a foot at their mercy….of course I’d start yelling and asking for ANYONE to come help me, usually falling on deaf ears. Then they would hold back my toes, so I couldn’t scrunch them up or move at all. Then they would start talking to each other just so I could hear them….”you know what I love doing to a trapped foot Lauren? Ohhhh look what we found…TWO trapped feet….wonder if their ticklish?” All the while, I’m already freakin laughing like a crazy woman. Then they each would take one finger, and just slowly and gently start to poke the bottoms of my feet in different places…slowly building up speed until it turned into an all out tickle assault!! I’d claw and pull on furniture, anything but I was pretty much at their mercy until they got bored….I DO have a pretty damn funny laugh, so I can see what they got out of it but my lord I can’t stand being tickled now because of them haha!

    • oh my gosh!!! I laughed and laughed at this. Yes, holding back the toes…we did that too, awesome!! Sometimes I wonder why our sister still talks to us, hahahahahahaha!!!!!! 😀

      • My sisters would also do this to me, making sure i couldnt move an inch after i was Trapped. They would just Push against my toes with the palm of one hand, and use their nails, a brush, a fork! Anything with a nice point, thAt they could scratch vEry fast with was a weapon hahaha!

  • Oh I’m telling ya….it was absolute agony. One time, they even got a pair of those cheap metal toy handcuffs on me, so I was totally stuck. I ran for my life but they cornered me in the living room. They have a little release lever on the side, but try doing that with both feet being tickled at the same time….impossible!

  • When is the last time you guys used the “tickle torture”? You are never too old for a good tickling!

  • Hahaha! Sounds like my family! How often would you and your sisters tickle Caryl?

    • As often as possible, but at lease a couple of times a week, lol!!

      • Hahaha that sounds so familiar! For years my two brothers and I would always hold down our youngest sister Katie and tickle her silly every chance we got! Sometimes every day! She eventually learned not to bother us or it would result in endless minutes of tickle torture until we felt she had learned her lesson lol. I suppose we should have gone easier on her but she was SO ridiculously ticklish it was just too much fun!! Haha! She would cry from laughing so hard within a couple minutes but we never stopped until we felt satisfied 😉 how long was the longest you tickled Caryl for?

        • Hahahahahaha!! Poor Katie!! I don’t recall the length of time, but probably 5 minutes or so. After that she couldn’t breathe!!

          • You were more merciful than we were lol. We had so much fun tickling Katie we would sometimes get carried away and go for 20 or 30 minutes hahaha!!! Watching her struggle and try to escape our torture was just too entertaining! But like you said, she did survive and we never let her pass out :) And we are all still very close to this day!

  • Holy smokes….tickling is the worst torture ever!!! When you guys would start in on Caryl, how would she react? Like me for example, I try to hold out without laughing as long as I can in the hope that they will think I’m not ticklish at all….but I can’t last more than a minute before you hear little snickers, then game over, it’s hysterical laughing!

    • Oh no!! She couldn’t hold out for even a second. We knew her too well, and there was no sense in trying to hide it. Besides that, she could almost feel the tickling before we started. She knew she was sunk, before we even started. 😀

      • LOLOL! Eeeeeek…just reading about it I can almost feel it….was she a big laugher when tickled, or a screamer? I love tickling someone with a musical giggle, but those ear piercing screamers tend to not be fun for long haha.

      • My mother would definitely try not to laugh as long as she could while yelling at the instigator. But we all knew she would break if you were determined, and once you heard that little giggling sound at the end of her breath, she was a goner.

      • How funny! I think it’s so dang hilarious when you and your gang are just getting prepared for a good tickling, making sure they can’t escape or injure someone, and they can “feel” the tickling before it even happens. Like why are you laughing we haven’t even touched you….yet!

      • I would TRY not to start laughing too but it’s useless if they know you are ticklish….like they aren’t going to stop until they get you going, but I’d do like Caryl and beg/giggle/plead. I’d be yelling stop, with a big ole smile but who’s gonna take you seriously?

      • I would try to hold in my giggling, just for the simple reason that i didnt want them to win! And Also once i started i couldnt stop laughing until they stopped tickling, which meant i was going to have a sore stomach.

        • Cassie, I’m sorry to say this, but I had to laugh at your story. I couldn’t help myself. I can totally see how your sisters had a great time. :)

  • Omg! These stories are too funny! Caryl must have a good sense of humor to put up with all that tickling! Hahaha How old was she when you started tickle torturing her? And when did you stop?

  • My fiance is extremely ticklish herself, and while I get her pretty good every once in a while, I always think how hilarious it would be to get a group to gang up and pin her down to tickle her silly. Her feet are the worst, but she puts up quite a fight for one person to be able to tickle adequately. She seems to laugh harder at just the threat of being tickled than the act itself. She has four daughters and I always tell her I’m gonna get them to help me and she just goes crazy laughing! I haven’t done it yet but after reading all of these stories I think it must be done mwahahaha!

    • Oh, I agree!! Nothing is more fun that getting a gang together to tickle the poor ticklish one. It gives you kind of a wicked sense of accomplishment!! And just think, her daughters would finally get one over on their mom…and there would be nothing she could do about it, You simply must do it!!! :)

  • Mission accomplished! Me and the girls just tickled my poor soon to be bride to death….or as close as tickling can bring you. I already had it planned out with the kids, so as she was laying on her stomach on the bed watching tv, I casually walked in, sat on her back, and started rubbing her shoulders. After a couple minutes, I asked her “Ranea, what time is it?” She said I dunno why….I said I think it’s tickle time….”It’s what?” She asked confused…that was the signal, and the girls barged in. I held her to the bed while two went right for her feet, and the other two grabbed her wrist and pulled her arms up, so I handled the rib tickling….I have never heard laughter like that in my life! We got her for a solid ten minutes at least….it seemed like forever though. After we finally let her go, her abs were sore and she lost her voice, so next time maybe we go easier….naaaaaaaah! It’s tickle TORTURE for a reason right?

    • Hahahahahahahaha!!!! That’s amazing!!! I’ll bet the girls had a great time too. Hahahahahahaha!! Thanks for a great laugh this morning!!! :)

  • I LOVED tickling my sister when we were younger! She is so ticklish if you just pretend to tickle her she gets the giggles so bad….you just wiggle your fingers in the air while she is pinned and it’s “pffffhaha…. Hahahae…HAHAHAAAAAA!” The worst I ever got her was once she dropped something under my parents bed. I walked by the room, and saw two bare feet sticking out, so I did what any of us would do….sat on her ankles, and listened to a mix of pleas and uncontrollable laughter, then I started counting down from five, tickling the air as my fingers descended to the bottoms of her feet. I maybe got a good four minutes in, before she turned to Superwoman and almost lifted the bed off of herself! It scared me enough to stop haha!

    • It would seem that there were quite a few of us tickle torture monsters out there. Your sister must have been tickled enough to know that just the threat was a warming of what was coming. Lol

  • Wow…. every one of these stories tickled me haha…I can totally feel for Caryl, I would snitch on my own mom if tickling was brought into play. What would you girls say to Caryl as she was pinned down? She should have scared the two youngest into not following y’all hahaha! One vs two is better odds.

    • Also my tickling story…my sister’s and my mom even to this day love to tickle me…when I get to laughing too hard, I have a snort, which they think is hilarious. I was maybe 20, at Thanksgiving at mom’s, and of course as an adult the last thing you expect is getting held down and tickled. So I’m sitting on the chair watching the game, when they all come in the living room giggling to each other. I’m like what’s so funny…then my sister Priscilla says GET HER! They dragged me to the floor, pinned me to the carpet, and I was seriously tickled for what seemed like eternity, until I peed myself from laughing! I was embarrassed, but at the same time couldn’t be mad….they probably would have done it again if I was lol.

    • She did nothing be scream!! And the two youngest…were instigators as much as participants, lol!!!

      • No what would y’all say to HER lol…before the tickle torture actually began, after y’all have her pinned down. I imagine it would be any last words hahaha!

        • Hahahahahaha!!! No, we didn’t take the time for words. They were unnecessary!! Hahahahahaha!!!

          • The taunting makes it soooo much worse! When you are held down, and the group starts in on the “tickle tickle tickle! Are you ticklish? Gootchie goo!” talk, I just laugh myself stupid, because I already KNOW I’m fixing to get a serious case of the giggles, and the tickling isgoing to hit any second.

          • The perfect victim!!

          • I agree….you totally should try the teasing “tickle tickle! Who’s ticklish?” Bit….you would be amazed how it amplifies the effect!

      • How would you and your other sisters decide it was time for tickle torture? Like what set it off?

        • Boredom would often set it off, and then it was just one person looking at the others, and off we’d go.

          • Haha i was the same way with my sister! There were many days during the summer break where my brother and i decided to pass some time simply by tickling our sister. As long as we gave her a quick break to catch her breath every minute or so, we could keep the torture going on and on! Caryn, did you ever give caryl a quick break just so you could keep tickling her?

          • Hahaha!!! A great pastime!! :)

  • Ohhhh man! These stories sound so farmiliar to my own childhood! I was the youngest of four and of course had to be the most ticklish. Whenever my parents went out, my three older siblings would at some point always end up with me pinned down with my arms above my head, tickling the crap out of my armpits and feet until I thought I would die! I would be crying and laughing histerically, begging them to stop but without mercy! Very often I wet myself from laughing too hard haha! After that they would usually give me a break to go change but then would always start up again! Absolute torture for me but nothing you can do about it as the youngest lol!

  • Tickling is soooooo strange to me….the thought that someone can be reduced to helpless, endless laughter just by light touches boggles my mind. I’m sure any time Caryl is around all of her siblings now her guard is up, ready to fight bwaha. Can you imagine if all these tickle monsters were in on it? Tickle tickle tickle Caryl LOL!

    • We have lightened up on things as time has gone by, so she feels relatively safe these days, but she was without doubt the most ticklish person I have ever met, lol.

  • I absolutely LOVE tickling others and hearing them plead while hysterically laughing….I don’t have any siblings myself, but my friends over the years have learned I’m not the one to mess with when it comes to tickling. I’m not ticklish at all myself, but let me find out someone at a party or gathering is very ticklish, and I just cannot help myself. I will get a group of devilish individuals like myself to pin you down, and then I’d make them tell me where they are most ticklish, with the threat of a far worse torture if they don’t mwaha. And I’m very skilled in the art of foot tickling, or so I’ve been told….I’ve got nice long manicured nails which are deadly on the right pair of feet. But I LOVE it when I’m tickling away and they try talking and can’t even form a sentence….that is truly ticklish lol!

    • Hahahahaha!! You would have fit quite nicely in with my sisters and me!!

      • Oh I for sure would have! I’m not an evil person lol just to be in control of someone’s laughter is such a powerful feeling bwahahaha! It sounds crazy, and the friends I’ve tickled to tears have told me I don’t know what it’s like, it’s torture, ect…it can’t be that bad or you wouldn’t laugh yourself silly right? I still to this day love tickling, mainly women though because I like their laughs better, and they mostly have pretty soft little feet, which are begging to be tickled. The BEST part is when they are held down, they know what’s coming, already begging like you said. Then I nonchalantly move down toward their feet, then slowly remove each shoe, one at a time, watching them go crazy with anticipation, struggling to no use. Like many of you have said you start laughing before it even comes. Oh my gosh what a rush! I sound insane but I’m not I swear haha!

        • Your sound so much like me and my sisters. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

          • Wouldn’t you do the same thing though? If you’ve got a very ticklish defenseless pair of feet that justhappened to be held down, there is only one thing to do at that moment….kitchie kitchie kooooooo!

          • Absolutely!! No doubt about it!!

        • Wow Helena you sound like a true tickle master!! What’s the longest you’ve ever tickled someone with them not even able to talk? Surprised your friends still hang around you! LOL

    • Wow Helena you sound like a true tickle monster hahaha! Or, as I would say, my worst nightmare. I get so uncomfortable usually around tickling, even in conversation I start getting nervous, that someone is going to ask “is Tiffany ticklish?” It doesn’t matter what you say, people are going to try regardless. I just die when being “tickle tortured”….

    • Actually this last Friday I was at a young cousins Sweet 16 party, and afterwards at her mother’s house, she was a little upset over something that happened earlier in the day. Her mother nudged me and winked then said “Gloria, if you do not lighten up and get in a better mood really quick, I’m gonna get the guys to hold you down for us, and Cynthia and I are going to tickle your feet.” She shot up from where she sat and ran to her room as we chased her, laughing the whole way. She locked herself in until we promised we would not tickle her. When she surfaced we tackled her, then got her sisters to tickle her instead of us hahahahaha! We didn’t lie about it…

  • Where is your favorite spot to tickle? And what is your preferred method?????

    • Feet and ribs. I like the big full fingernail tickle. Nothing soft.

      • Me too! Like Lisa said, I love holding back the toes, then gently scratching away right underneath them, or just above the heel… then occasionally dragging all of my nails the entire length of the foot. Just watching the foot try to twist and turn away, but with a good hold its useless. If you could choose any famous woman to be held down and tickled by you and the gang, who would you pick and why?

      • What do you enjoy most about foot tickling? And if you had to rate yourself as a “tickler” on a 1 to 10 scale, what would you be? :)

        • Probably the fact that you don’t have to work very hard to really get them going. I think I’m easily a 9, with my only drawback being that I have long nails that are mine, and quite sharp. I could easily hurt someone.

          • I do enjoy some ticklish feet too, but they better be restrained so there is no kicking! I’vebeen knocked silly a couple of times lol!

          • Feet, knees, and kicking…a lethal combination, lol!!

          • Heck no you don’t. One of my favorite techniques, that works wonders, is to just simply get your victim worked up, knowing the tickling is coming, then take your firm grip on the foot, and just place your nails right on the bottom of the foot. Don’t move them, just apply slight pressure with your nails, sit back and watch. Then after you’ve giggled enough yourself, start the real fun and go off.

          • My favorite thing about foot tickling is after you have them pinned down, and helpless on their back or stomach, there is really nothing they can do to stop it. That and from experience feet seem to be most people’s most ticklish spot, that they protect less because of their shoes or whatnot and it makes them feel safe. They aren’t hard to remove though lol.

  • No problem….I was asking if you could choose any female celebrity or famous person to be held down completely helpless while you just tickled away, who would you pick and why? And how long would you tickle?

    • Oh, that’s a tough one. I would have to say Pauley Perrette from NCIS, because she seems just crazy enough to enjoy it, but I wouldn’t tickle long, because I think she could hurt you if she wanted to.

      • Good choice! Hmmmm….I’d have to say…Shania Twain, she has a great laugh. Once I get started, someone else usually has to say “hey, you’ve been tickling her for like 10 minutes, you trying to kill her? Before I stop Lololol…I just get lost in the moment. If the group is enjoying the tickling as much as I am, you’re in trouble haha!

        • You are diabolical, Hahahaha!!

          • I think I am too mwaha….or just very mischievous. And Tiffany, from what you’veposted, you are lucky we don’t know each other. I’m sure I could talk some folks into holding you down for Caryn and I and we would have a few laughs….Ha!

  • I just loved reading all of these counts of tickle torture hahaha! :) I have two sisters, and every once in a great while we pin our mother down or dog pile on her for some tickles, but nothing as intense as most of you. She would probably die laughing! Caryn, is Caryl one of those people that starts cracking up when she sees wiggling fingers coming her way?

    • Oh absolutely!! She knows what is coming, and not only does she laugh, she tries to run!!!!

      • My mom also tries to run, but she always either trips herself up, or just gets caught and gets too weak to fight from laughing so she’s easy to bring down lol.

  • I can relate to so many of these stories! My brother used to get his several of his friends to help hold down me and my sister and tickling us to tears! He called it “tickling parties” lol. They would hold us down and tease us constantly while tickling us near to insanity until I thought couldn’t possibly take it anymore! I am extremely ticklish and being held down and tickled is my worst nightmare hahaha! Those “parties” were some of the most torturous times of my life and while they’re funny to look back on now but at the time it really was torture lol. I hope you didn’t torture Caryl too bad without giving her a break! Haha

    • While it was hard, we gave her a break once in a while. It is so hard to do that once you get started though!! Hahahahaha!!!

      • I soooooo agree. After the tickling is underway, there is no such thing as a break or mercy! It’s time to laugh until your belly is sore, tears are running, and the victim is redfaced and out of breath!

        • Stopping is the hardest part, but you do want them around for the next time, so you have to do it at some point, lol!!

          • I agree caryn, I only stop when I am ready… and that usually takes several minutes. After they are pinned down, they know they might as well get comfortable haha!

  • My older sister Judith was by far the most ticklish out of my siblings and I, and oh my Lord did we let her have it. There were six of us girls total, and she was four years older than me. She HATED being tickled, and like Caryn she would beeeeg and pleeeeead and promise to do our chores. But alas, we just wanted to make her laugh as hard as we could without killing her lol. On a couple of occasions we actually tied her to the bed, freeing all of our hands up for tickles. She was insanely ticklish everywhere, but my FAVORITE attack, was after she was pinned or tied down, I’d blow raspberries on her tummy, while tickling her underarms at the same time! And usually two of the other girls were tickling her feet, so it was just crazy tickle torture for her. She would squeal and howl and laugh like a possessed hyena, and eventually run out of air, so she would shake with silent laughter. My gosh it was so fun, yet looking back I do feel bad for torturing her like that hahaha!

    • It is so fun to gang up on the ticklish one…and really hard to stop, hahahahahaha!!!

    • I agree! There is nothing more fun than to hold down the most ticklish one in the group and tickle them to silent laughter haha! That’s how you know you really did you job when tears are streaming down their face and they’re so out of breath that not a sound comes out even though they’re still dying from the torture lol. I always knew I had taught my younger sister her lesson when her laughter went silent yet she was still wiggling around trying to escape like crazy! Haha older siblings can be so evil sometimes! But it’s not our fault because it’s just too funny to tickle others and hear them laugh themselves silly!

  • Caryn, what no one has asked so far was at the graduation party you were at, what caused this poor kid to be tickled, lol?

  • Hahahaha…..eeeeek…all of this tickle talk has me all giggly…seriously one of the best/worst tortures EVER. Caryn…here is a scenario ???? so this top secret spy chick knows some crazy dangerous info about a planned attack, and the government wants you to get it out of her… she is handcuffed, and in those old school stocks used in medieval times. You are told she has insanely ticklish feet. Describe how you extract your info lolol….descriptive as possible if you can. How long, how, ect….paint a picture. This should befun ????????

    • Awwww my smiley faces show as question marks ha!

    • I think that in that scenario, I would start out by using a feather. Then if I didn’t get answers I would go to some kind of a brush. We would work our way up to my fingernails, and she would be giving in before long.

    • Oh my god, I’d give up as soon as they said tickling….

    • I think I could get it out of her in just a few minutes… After all since I have very ticklish feet, I know what works on me hahaha… Since she would be fully restrained, first I’d use lotion on her feet so they were soft and extra sensitive, then just under the toes, place your nails and just drag them down to the heel, over and over again. Apply pressure like you are scratching an itch, not too light or too hard. She’d be done.

  • That’s pretty good. But more descriptive :) you ARE a writer Caryn lolol. Of course at first she is going to fight the urge to laugh…what do you say or do to get her going? This is some very sensitive information here, she isn’t just handing it to you ha…do you zone in on one part of her feet? Make us feel like we are there.

    • Eeeeevil hahaha! I seriously wonder if tickling has really been used as an interrogation method?? I think I would use a similar approach to Caryn….maybe not with the feather though I don’t think that would be effective, but nails for sure. I’d tie her toes back to the stocks, and let her have it! The world could be in danger hahaha! I would ask her once nicely, showing off my nails as I did so, then if she refused to cooperate, I would duct tape her mouth, and tell her “for the next thirty minutes, I’m going to tickle your feet…after time is up, I will remove the tape, ask once, and if you refuse, next it will be an hour. Then two….ect.” I bet after the first round she would give in BWAHAHAHA!

      • Ooooooo!!! You are ruthless!!! :)

        • Great response Janelle….still waiting on Caryns version LOL.

        • You’ve GOTTA be ruthless…especially with interrogations haha. But really I think Evelyn is wanting a detailed account of tickle torture….like for example, this spy chick. I gave a pretty basic description myself….if you want more details, let’s see. First after she was tied, and in those stock things like I said, and I already told her my plan of non-stop foot tickling for the half hour, I’d pull a chair up to the stocks, and tell her how unbearable it was going to be. How even if she WANTED to talk, for thirty whole minutes, she was stuck in tickle hell with that tape on HAHAHA. I’d place the very tips of my acrylics in the center of her feet, and BARELY move them, the lightest touch ever. Ever so slowly, start to scratch, increasing the surface area little by little. I’d ask if it tickled, if she would laugh for me, a little baby talk to get her giggling, then it would be over. Speed up the tickling as the laughter starts, and she would be a MESS after thirty minutes. I may even bring in a second tickler, so we each can focus all ten fingers on one foot. Now THAT would be torture.

        • Caryn what if YOU were caught by a group who thought you had information that you really didn’t, and they found out you had ticklish feet….how long can you last….they have you tied down, and at their mercy.

  • My mother is dreadfully ticklish, which of course my siblings and I always took advantage of when we were younger. And my father was always working to support us all so there was nobody home to rescue her once we got started hahaha! It also usually began out of boredom, and if one of us gave her a poke to the ribs, we would hear that giggle and a firm “STOP IT! YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I’M GONNA…..” then the laughing took over, and if she didn’t fall to the floor a couple more would join in, and next thing you know here is this woman on the ground being tickled mercilessly, with all these crazed laughing children who think we are just playing. We knew we had her when she laughed so hard no sound was coming out anymore but her face would just be frozen with the biggest smile, like you said tears running down her cheeks. My poor momma HAHA!

  • I loved reading all of these stories, too funny! Either you love tickling or hate it. My mom and her sisters used to absolutely murder me by holding me down and tickling until I was purple. I’m deathly ticklish, especially the bottoms of my feet, and under my arms, and would just howl with hysterical laughter, and they of course would laugh, which made me laugh harder. That dreaded anticipation though, when you’re dragged down and can’t move is the worst. I’ve always wanted to be on the other side but alas I was too small to take anyone down. Caryn what is your favorite thing about tickling? Or anyone who wishes to answer. And if you had someone dreadfully ticklish and helpless, how long would you tickle them? I know you said you have to stop eventually, but if they are still just lost in laughter, do you just keep on going :)

    • It is tickle or be tickled, in our family. No one is really safe. My nephew loves to tickle my knees, and he is far too big for me to fight off. I usually appeal to his wife or toddler daughter for help. It does not work. I think it is the ultimate way to have a good laugh at someone else’s expense, without being mean.

  • Hahaha! Tickle or be tickled….that sounds like a tagline for a horror movie! When I was younger I used to imagine these monsters that looked like half woman half spider with several hands they could use to hold you in place and tickle you to death, even use web to restrain you! If that’s not a sign I was tickled too much I don’t know what is! Oh my Lord if such a creature existed it would be the death of Caryl ROTFL!

  • Caryn, you mentioned on the original post that at the party a child was being pinned down and tickled. What did this poor kid do to have that happen, lol. How did they tickle him?

  • Caryn, I can completely relate to this post! Being the youngest, and most ticklish of four siblings, I was a constant target for tickle torture! Every time I planned to get someone back the others would jump in, and I would end up as the one laughing! Totally unfair! LOL…Begging also never worked in my family, it just seemed to fuel the fire!

    • I was always glad that I was one of the ones doing the tickling, lol.

      • I bet lol! Someday all of us ticklish ones will get all of those evil ticklers back! 😉

        • Oooooo!! I don’t want to be around for that day!!

          • Lol! I had to share your blog with my sister (one of the ticklers) and we had a long conversation laughing at those memories! I suppose taking all of that tickling was worth it to look back and laugh at years later! My sister brought up her favorite memory which was of me, being pinned down, yelling “not the feet! not the feet!” as they pulled my socks off! lol. Do you remember things like that happening with your siblings?

  • My wife is insanely ticklish on the feet. And she has the craziest, most uncontrollable laughter you’ve ever heard once you get started on her. You almost feel bad, as she struggles and howls and the volume and pitch of her laugh gets higher. But I get our son to hold her arms down, then my daughter and I are designated foot ticklers, and I swear you would think she was possessed hearing her hahaha ! She hates it of course, but it is just so funny I can’t help myself.

  • Hey everyone! I stumbled on this blog just researching tickle torture used in history for a class, and read all of the stories so I thought I’d tell my own. So I am deathly ticklish. I am like many of you, a giggler if threatened with tickle fingers, which my mom and sisters of course used for pure entertainment. I’m 28, and always hoped that as I grew older, my sensitivity would decline, which has not been the case. I laugh so hard my back hurts lol! But any chance they get I’m held down on the carpet, and my mother, who is seriously the best “tickler” or worst depending on your perception, will call dibs on my ribs, and as I try levitating off the ground just gently digs her claws in between them, while I buck like a bronco but have no leverage to free myself. And she makes goofy faces, which are funny alone but while being tickled become hysterical. I hate the sensation of it, but after I regain my breath, clean the mascara off of my face, and residual laughing is over with, it’s not too bad haha! Just once I’d love to get revenge, but I’m outnumbered, and they know how to get me going in seconds, so I’ve accepted that I’m just the tickle victim in my family.

    • Great story.

      • Thanks! I read further up that someone said ribs are hard to tickle if you don’t know what you’re doing, but I swear my mother has this perfected where it just tickles like craaaazy. And her silly faces are all you can look at, or down at her hands which are tickling the Crap out of you. Eeeeeek !  

  • Caryn, here is a funny question. You’ve got a pill that will make Caryl 10 times more ticklish, for 24 hours and would keep her from passing out or dying lol….she is strapped down on a board. How long do you tickle her? And where do you focus your tickles?

  • I really enjoyed reading everyone’s personal tickle torture stories…back in high school if I found out one of the girls in our social group was ticklish, I’d always end up torturing them for a minute or two. I usually stayed at my best friends house, and one day as a few of us were hanging out watching a movie after school, my buddies mom Jane was sitting on a couch next to me, with this beautiful girl who just recently moved down and started befriending some of our group. Her name was cambree. Anyway, she had taken her shoes off and had her leg stretched out with her foot just inches away from Jane. As the movie went on, Jane looked over at me, and quietly said “I’m feeling mischievous…” And held her hand just out of reach of her foot, tickling the air. I laughed, and kind of ignored her, then she said “ gonna help me or not?” So I slowly got up, walked by like I was going to the kitchen, and pounced. Before Cambree knew what hit her I had her pinned down. Jane quickly pushed her legs down and sat on her calves. Cambree let out a scream, asking what we were doing. Jane replied “I’m going to give you a fingertip foot massage.” And before Cambree could respond, the tickling started. For about 10 seconds, you heard nothing, but the sound of Jane’s nails scratching her feet…then the explosion of laughing/pleading/animal noises…I swear I’ve NEVER heard someone laugh so hard for so long in my life….she tried begging, but couldn’t get a full sentence out, and Jane told her she wasn’t stopping anytime soon anyway. She probably got her a good five or six minutes, and then we let her up to rush to the restroom. That was the worst tickling I’ve ever witnessed.

    • Jane sounds like she was as bad as my sisters and me. Did Cambree ever come back? Ad did she leave her shoes on? Hahahahaha!!

      • She did. And for the most part, yes lol. Except on one occasion, a couple of years later, she came over with a friend when we were having a party, and made the mistake of wearing fuzzy slippers, but that particular attack was orchestrated by myself haha. But yes Jane loved to tickle, and she knew me or any of my buddies had no problem holding down a poor girl for her tickle amusement. She was like a second mom to me.

      • I have a slightly devious side myself, and think I’d also wonder how ticklish she was until I tested it out myself lol!

  • I would love to hear Caryls perspective on being the victim of so much tickle torture lol… what are her memories or worst moments? Does she hope to get revenge one day?

  • Caryn, if you had to rate Caryls ticklish spots from one to ten, what would each of these be? 1. Ribs 2. Underarms 3. Tummy 4. Feet I’m underarms: 12 ribs: 7 tummy: 5 feet: 9 my parents used to team up on me when I was younger…I’m an only child so they took it easy on me compared to these stories I’ve read on here. But I cannot do things like pedicures without looking ridiculous…

  • I really enjoyed reading all of these! Caryn, I just saw on Good Morning America the other day that America’s Funniest Videos is doing a fundraiser with Toys for Tots, where you upload a video of you tickling someone for 25 seconds, and they are donating five dollars for every video submitted. Check it out on their website! I am also like Caryl, the victim in my family. And it is torture….especially when you are held down! My sister’s would pin me, then the “tickler” would straddle my waist, and get me until I was in tears. They took turns to see who could make me laugh the hardest!

  • Next time caryl comes over you and your sisters should surprise attack her and tickle her to tears like the old days! And have someone film it so the rest of us can see how ticklish Caryl really is! Hahahaha

  • WITH Christmas coming UP we’ve ALREADY MADE UP OUR MINDS that A NIECE OF OURS WILL BE TICKLED. WE WILL ASK HER WHERE she’s ticklish. Caryn isn’t THE question “ARE YOU ticklish” THE BEST QUESTION EVER? IF YES YOU proceed. IF NO YOU PROCeED anyways TO SEE IF they ARE LYING.

    When WE START where should WE START, FEET OR SIDES/RIBS?

  • Caryn, how do you start out tickling someone? My dad and I teamed up on my mom a couple of days ago. I walked in their room, and he was on the phone with his mom, both of them laying in bed and I tickled his foot for a second, just trying to annoy him then he pointed over to her as he wrapped up his phone call. He sat up, and grabbed her legs, then we each held down a foot and started tickling her…she went bonkers. We only got her for about a minute, because she couldn’t breathe. I had no idea my mom was so ticklish!

    • Ours starts out with a look, and she knows what’s coming next. That is torture in itself. :)

      • With my mother, after I talk my siblings into the attack, I’ll casually walk in, and sit next to her, and say something like “mom… Are you ready?” She’ll look up dumbfounded, like ready for what? But I’ll have that mischievous smirk on my face and hold up my hands, tickling the air, as she is getting up to bolt lol. And as she runs, I’ll just slowly walk after her, still wiggling the fingers, saying “It’s coming mom… Its time. It’s tickle time. You know you can’t get away. I’m going to get those feetsies, and I’m not stopping…ever” and she’s just a mess by then.

  • Caryn, we made up a new game over Christmas. With the niece we choose, we played “rib count” where we used our fingers to count her ribs. We of course had to keep starting over because we lost track of time during her laughs. All the while she kept saying in between laughter “stop tickling me, I’ll do anything”

  • Caryn, what is the absolute worst tickle torture you can imagine?

  • I am obsessed with the thought of tickling my poor wife into hysterical laughter. Notice I said thought… while every once in a great while I will get her for a minute or so, she will either get free or talk me into stopping. Like most of you she is ticklish everywhere but her feet are the spot you want to get to. If we are at say her sisters or watching movies with the kids and she is barefoot, all I can think about is what it would be like for everyone to pin her down and show no mercy tickling her for several minutes…. Her laugh is musical, but she would go crazy. I’m not a weirdo lol I just cannot control this urge, yet I have never acted on it, I guess because I wouldn’t want her upset or mad.

    • Oh, so then you are a closet tickle torture fanatic. lol You may have to just bite the bullet and get it done. You don’t want to go crazy or anything, lol!!

  • Lolol I wouldn’t consider myself a FANATIC. That sounds too serious. But when the situation presents itself, there is someone deathly ticklish right in front of you, barefoot, I think am I the only one thinking about tickling her right now? Heck I just want to watch her get tickled, I don’t even have to be in the mix just get her good and let me see it haha! Would you consider yourself a fanatic? Or do I sound crazy???

  • Also Caryn, what is your favorite reaction to tickling someone? Mine is definitely the laughter, those belly laughs that nothing else can get out of someone… that breathless, silent laughing with tears rolling that they want to stop but can’t help themselves.

  • I was asking you though… what is YOUR favorite reaction to tickling? And do you consider yourself a fanatic?

  • My sister graduated high school in 1991, a couple of years ahead of me. Back then, her standard outfit to school was a skirt with some kind of tights or pantyhose. The outfit she most often wore was a jean skirt with black tights and pumps. The advantage to this was that her nylons quadrupled her ticklishness on her feet – and everyone knew it. I remember when she and her friends would come home after school, usually after band practice when they hadn’t had time to change clothes from school. She would lay her on the coach with her shoes off and feet up, exposing her nyloned soles. It wasn’t long before one of her friends would say “Let’s tickle her!” or something like that, usually because they were bored. A couple of times I was assigned the job of “ankle holder” to prevent her from pulling away while her friends tickled her feet through those tights. I should also add they all had long nails which made the torture far worse. My sister would scream and wriggle and beg them to stop, but years later she told me she had enjoyed every minute of it. Sadly, by the time I was a senior in high school hose and heels were out of style replaced by jeans and sneakers. And I also didn’t have a group of friends like that. Too bad!

  • When I was younger, in my teenage years I was quite the tickle monster to my oldest sister Melissa. I’d get my dad to pin her down, and my mother and I would tickle her silly, till she spoke gibberish and just gave up struggling, accepting that she was just going to die laughing. She has very ticklish thighs, so I’d sit on her legs and just gently squeeze and kneed away like bread dough, and mom would blow raspberries on her tummy, sending her into a hysterical frenzy. It was so much fun lol.

    P.s. I think you should repost this thread as popular as it’s been, or write an update as I’m sure more people would add to it if it was newer. I found it googling tickle torture after a discussion with Melissa.

  • Caryn,
    Have you ever seen the cartoon teenage mutant ninja turtles (from the late 80s early 90s)? Did you know there is a villein who in a few episodes who has hostages. He needs information from the hostages so he has them tied up. He has their feet exposed and tickles them with a feather? Can you imagine that happening to you?

  • I love these stories. Not only did tickling happen a lot to me as a kid, to me and my 3 sisters, but me, my husband and my sisters absolutely love chasing my sons around the house and tickling them–our first son, Jimmy is the most ticklish so he tends to get it the worst. Many times 3 or 4 of us will chase him around the house and capture him–usually for some trivial “crime” like he took a cookie too early, or sometimes just when we are bored, and we will bring him to the reclining chair in our living room for the treatment. we tend to model our tickle torture after this one scene from teenage mutant ninja turtles (have you ever seen the clip?) we tie his wrists and ankles together and take turns running the tip of a feather up and down the bottoms of his feet :) he wiggles and squirms and begs for mercy, sometimes even tries to lift his feet off of the foot stool but we just follow it with the feather or push his tied ankles back down haha.

    It’s extra fun when adults gang up and tickle a kid because the kid stands no chance at all! hAVE YOU SEEN MANY OTHER INSTANCES OF ADULTS TICKLING THEIR KIDS LIKE THE TIME AT THE PARTY? AND CAN YOU GIVE US A FEW MORE DETAILS OF THAT ^^

  • My favorite torture method was to get one or two of the neighborhood boys help pin down my little sisters arms over my head so she couldnt move an inch and then mercilessly attack her armpits and ribs and watch her go insane trying to escape. Tickling was pure torture for her and not being able to move amplified the effect because couldnt defend against the tickling she had no control over when the torture would end. She hated it and always ended up breathless and in tears but i loved to tickle and she by far the most ticklish kid in the neighborhood, so it worked out well for me! Hahaha I do feel bad for people like my sister and caryl, but its not our fault they were born so ticklish! And tickling is just plain fun for everyone, although the victim might disagree haha

  • I agree Caryn…lots of ruthless, crazy ticklers among us lol. I tickle my mother every chance I get, until she is crying from laughter and begging for mercy. My favorite attack is when she is held down, arms pinned to her sides while my brother sits on her, my sister sits on her legs facing away, and just holds back her toes, giving me complete freedom to tickle those feetsies until she is hysterical!!! And I’ll just tease her with baby talk, as she weezes and laughs and turns beat red, and her eyes are squeezed shut as tears roll down but she is frozen in hilarity until it’s over.mwahahaha! My technique is vicious… I tickle very fast, and hard, so as not to let her get too used to the sensation so it can last as long as I want it to.

    • I have been amazed at the ticklers who have come out of the woodwork since I wrote this story. Hahahaha!!

      • I’ll say! Reading all of these as a ticklish target, I’m going to wear extra layers of socks and tie my shoes tight!

        • Probably a good idea, lol!!

        • Jenn, if you are singled out as the target, it doesn’t matter how many pairs of socks you are wearing, or how tightly your shoes are tied, they will get pulled off one at a time, and you would get a little extra tickle time for your efforts hahaha!

          • Nooo! My toes cringe just from the thought of it! Haha!

          • As did Caryl’s. That’s what made it so great.

          • Oh yeeeeesssss lol. And as several other readers already added including myself, I get those toes held back so there is no cringing, just a nice smooth surface to scratch away at, like you are scratching at an itch, only on your feet instead of mine hahaha. I don’t think you could handle the tickle torture my mother has to endure.

          • Karina, your poor mother! That sounds like pure torture haha!
            However, My older brother and sister may take that as a challenge, which would not end well for me!

          • I was at a family gathering this past weekend, and had an experience that proved Karina to be correct!
            Although it’s summer, the evenings have been rainy and fall-like here in the northeast recently. So, I was wearing my long boots with long socks and jeans. it all started with a poke on my sides then I was swarmed by 4 relatives!
            They weren’t content just tickling my sides though…Knowing my feet are the worst spot, they took the time to pin me down, unlace my boots, and remove my socks in order to torture my bare feet!

            This definitely reminded me of Karina’s comment above and I had to share haha!

          • Your family sounds a lot like mine, hahahaha!!

  • There is really nothing like getting that crazy ticklish person when they are completely helpless, and the laughter that you force out of them, even though they would do anything to make it stop LOL. It does take a bit of an evil side to take advantage of it the way most of us do. But when they are howling and giggling and begging and trying to bribe you to stop, I just become entranced and it makes me go even harder hahaha.

  • I loved reading all of these stories, as a big tickler myself. Caryn, my sister is deathly ticklish, and if even bring up the subject, or just say tickling, or tickled, she starts getting squirmy and blushing, looking around for an escape route, even if nobody has the intention of tickling her. Is Caryl this bad?

  • It’s fun reading these tickle stories lol. When I was little, my older brother would be the one tickle torturing me. One time in particular he buried me under covers with my bare feet exposed. He tickle tortured me for a while lol. Also would your parents ever help with the tickling at all?

    • Hahahaha!! I never thought about using the covers as a weapon, but if he was the only one, he must have had to be creative. No, our parents didn’t help us, but they tickled us too on occassion.

      • Yeah I’M like never barefoot noW so I don’t get tickled haha would you and your sisters get into tickle fights with each other, or would you all just gang up on Caryl?

  • These memories of tickling are great! I always felt like my siblings and I were the only ones who tickle tortured each other. My sisters were all pretty much equally ticklish, although the ticklish spots would vary. I love love love giving a good tickling out though. I prefer being in charge of the ribs and under the arms. After My sisters had the extremities under control I’d straddle the victims waist, as they pleaded and threatened. I’d place my fingertips on either side of the ribcage, and just look down into my sisters eyes, smiling. As they shook their head no, I’d shake mine yes. “On the count of three, I’m gonna tickle. I’m gonna get you, and there is nothing you can do about it. Are you ready?” Then the countdown would start, the struggling would begin, and as I got to three and started gently digging in the ribs, the giggles would begin, escalating into laughing HYSTERICAL MADNESS. We really let each other have it lol. Caryn what is one funny instance in particular you can remember vividly when tickling Caryl?

    • Oh, every instance was memorable. My sister would laugh, scream, beg, and eventually the tears would run down her face. Not tears of pain or sadness, but simply tears of surrender. She was hilarious to tickle.

  • Ooh I know exactly the tears you are referring to. Hell I get them just laughing at something I find really funny, I’ll laugh so hard tears stream down and my stomach hurts. I love getting the person I’m tickling going so hard no sound is coming out… Just a face frozen in laughter, but they can’t get the air in to let it out. Haha

  • Caryn what role did the two youngest normally play? I would imagine caryl being stronger than the both of them lol! And also if You and caryl Were cHallenged, where she is strapped down, aNd you win 10,000 dollars if you make her laugh by tickling her fOr 2 minutes but she wins 20,000 if she DOESNT laugh, who wOuld win, and how would you try to break her?

    • The youngest sisters had no problems. We usually atacked as a group. As to the $10,000, we would never lose. Caryl lost before we even got started.

  • Caryl here is a scenario. You are lead into a room, where there is a woman stretched out on a old medival toRture rack. She is gagged, and you are told she is being punished for a crime she commited, but you cannot be told what the crime is. Just that the woman is very, very ticklish and that you are in charge of her punishment. For every 5 minutes you tickle, you will be given 1000 dollaRs :) How long do you tickle her, and where would you really focus your tickling attack? Her armpits and feet are her worst spots.

  • And also a follow up. Same situation as above except when you walk into the room, the only thing in the room is a tv screen showing the womans face. In the room iTself there are two holes in the wall with Her Bare feet sticking through, but the rest of her is in the next room over. So now you can tickle and see her reactions, but she cannot see you at all. Does this change anything with your answer?

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